About Gabroo

Gabroo International is proud to present a range of specially-designed children’s lamps. Available in a range of colours and designed in the shapes of your child’s favourite animals (Dog, Giraffe, Elephant and Cat), our touch lamps have been designed with safety and reliability at the core. Our lamps are fitted with 6W LED checked thrice before delivery across Australia and New Zealand. As a registered supplier with ERAC, these products are covered by Public Liability Insurance for your peace of mind.

What exactly our product is?

Certified with AS/NZS, Gabroo International offers a multitude of lamps designed especially for your kids. Available in a plethora of colors, our lamps are an amalgamation of safety, softness and reliability.

Designs that kids will fall in
love with
GS1-Australia Registered-Barcodes for ease of inventory
Comes with one-year replacement warranty
Plug-in and ready to use
AS/NZS RCM-compliant
Affordable price